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Wed 26 Apr 2017
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Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Monday, 12 February 2007 15:03
If you are a student doing a project about Thailand then you have come to the right place. Many of the visitors to my web site are either foreign students who need information for their assignment or Thai exchange students who need to do a presentation on their home country. You will find everything you need here in order to complete your project. If you feel you need to ask some questions or would like to make a comment then please post them in my Thailand Life Forum . As long as you don't ask too many questions in one go then you will have your answer very quickly.


This is not a complete list of everything I have at Thailand Life. With over 500 pages, it would take me too long to tell you about everything. Anway, I want you to explore my web site and discover things for yourself. First, I want to tell you that life of teenagers in Thailand is much the same as your own country. I know some of you think that we go to school by elephant or that we have tigers roaming in the jungles behind our school! I get so many letters asking questions like: Do you have a television at home? Do you know The Simpsons? Have you ever eaten pizza? The answers to these questions are a big "YES"!! We have cable t.v., people go to and from school by car and we have many Western restaurants such as McDonalds and Planet Hollywood. Of course, there are some differences that makes our country quite unique in its culture. We aren't allowed to wear shoes in the classroom, we have the same word for "hello" and "goodbye" and the telephone book is sorted alphabetically by the person's first name. Oh yes, we do actually have elephants roaming the streets of my local city. One of them nearly stepped on my dad's car when he stopped at a red light the other day!