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Wed 26 Apr 2017
My Baby Photo Album
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Thursday, 08 February 2007 18:30

My dad is holding me in the 1st picture and my mum is helping me stand on the bicycle in the 2nd picture. I am sitting nearby my cousin who is sleeping in his bed in the 3rd picture.

We went to the zoo on our holidays and in the 3rd picture I am sitting down with my uncle on the sand by the sea. Can you see that I have my topknot on my head?

I am having my top knot cut at my grandmum's house in the 1st picture and in the next picture I am giving food to the monk on my birthday. In the 3rd picture, I am in the wedding ceremony between my uncle and his wife. My mum and my dad are standing behind them in the picture.

My birthday at my house with my family in the1st picture. My mum, my aunt and me at the Museum of Human Imagery outside Bangkok and in the 3rd picture, we are on the beach, playing in the water and taking a picture with the star fish which is still alive.