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Wed 26 Apr 2017
Top Knot Cutting
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Thursday, 08 February 2007 23:46
Sometimes in Thailand you see children with topknots or little tufts of hair growing in a middle of a completely shaven head. When I was younger I had a topknot until I was three years old. Other people have it until they are a little older. These days not many people have topknots, you will find it difficult to see one. In my old primary school, there were only two students out off 1700 with a topknot.
We are praying to the monks before I have my topknot cut off. They put some grass on my hair, I don't know why but my mum said it's part of the ceremony. The monk will cut a part of my topknot first. We call topknot, "Juk" in Thai.
Then my parents and other people cut the rest. The picture on the right is of my grandmum cutting my hair. After everyone had finished, they put my hair on a lotus leaf and then they floated it away on the river.
My father and me are preparing food for the monks and I am giving some money to thank them for coming to my house on my topknot cutting day.