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Wed 26 Apr 2017
Phuket with Leo


In March 1999, we went down to Phuket to watch them making the Leonardo DiCaprio movie "The Beach".We were making a popular website about the movie and so wanted to take some pictures. The website for "The Beach" movie was our first famous website. During 1999 we were getting about 6,000 visitors every day. We later found out that movie people, reporters and even Leonardo DiCaprio's family were visiting our website. Leonardo's mother even sent hundreds of calendars and videos to my old school for the students.

Tuesday 23rd March 1999

I got up at 8 o'clock. I got ready to go and my friends came and picked me up at 10 o'clock and then we left Samutprakarn. We went to the port and went to the other side of the river (Phra Pa Daeng) by car ferry. Then we went straight to Chumphon first. It took about 7 hours. We stopped to rest half way to eat lunch.

We arrived at our guest house at about 6.30 p.m. It took about 1 hour to find the guest house. That guest house we slept cost 200 baht per night. We slept four people in 1 room. In the guest house there were not many people. First when we went inside, we were very scared because it looked like a ghost house. We had to share bathroom and it was very small. After we went inside we went out to eat. We walked around to find something to eat but we couldn't find it so we went back to eat at the guest house. I ate fried rice with fried egg on top. Then we went to take a bath. I was the first to take it. When I went into the bathroom I was really scared because it was my first time to live in a guest house and there were not many people there. When I finished, I came back to my room to read a book. I waited for my friends because I wanted to play cards. We played "Circus". We played it until late, then we went to sleep.

When I woke up, one of my friends said "Last night you fell on the floor, did you know? So I called you to come back on the bed." I didn't know how I could fall down on to the floor. It was strange. Then I went to take a bath and we left this guest house.

This is the car ferry. We went on it to go to other side of the Chao Phraya river (Phra Pa Daeng). It cost fifteen baht.
This is guest house where we stayed at Chumphon.
We are playing cards on the bed in the room. The game we played is called "Circus".

Wednesday 24th March 1999

We left from the Guest House after we had breakfast and then we went to visit "Prince Chumphon Shrine" before we left Chumphon. When we arrived there, we went inside and paid respect to Prince Chumphon because we believe that he will look after us when we travel.

After that we went to Ranong. It took a long time because the road was windy. So we arrived there late. We went there to visit the hot springs, hot enough to boil an egg. There were a lot of different springs and hot stone seats for making you healthy. We went to sit there, it was very hot. And near the hot spring there was a temple. Inside there were a lot of bathrooms. You can take a bath with hot spring water there. We didn't do it because the weather was very hot. We ate lunch near the temple. I ate chicken fried in chilli paste with fried egg on top. When we finished eating, we went straight to Phuket. I slept in the car for one-two hours.

When we arrived in Phuket, we took a long time again to find a hotel. We stayed in the "Thravorn Hotel". It was ok, not bad. It cost 350 baht per night because it had air-conditioning and bathroom unlike the guest house we stayed before. We stayed there for six nights all together. And that night we went to bed late because we played cards again.

Picture on the left shows "Prince of Chumphon", the son of King Rama Fifth.
Picture on the right is me. I am paying respect to the prince.
I am sitting in front of a gun outside the shrine in Chumphon. And on the right we are standing in front of the big ship.
My friends and me at hot spring in Ranong. On the left we are sitting on the hot stone seats that make the people healthy. And on the right I am standing at the spring.
Thursday 25th March 1999

We got up early in the morning because we wanted to go to watch them making the movie "The Beach" at Hat Surin. When we arrived there, we played football waiting for them because they were getting ready to shoot the movie. We saw Leonardo's double there but we didn't see Leonardo. When they started, we met Sarah (Film Publicist). We chatted with her and watched them making the movie at the same time. That scene was about some people arriving at the bungalow by songthaew bus. Leonardo wasn't there because we came there a bit late, he left before we came. When they finished making the film, we went to swim in the sea and played football on the beach too. One of the film people stole our frisbee. After that we went back to the hotel, played cards and went to bed. We went to bed early because tomorrow we will go to Phi Phi Island. So we have to get up early tomorrow.

We are sitting in front of the bungalow. They made these bungalows for the movie "The Beach".
In the picture on the left we are playing football on the beach at Hat Surin near the bungalows. And picture on the right is the double for Leonardo. He comes from Norway.
Friday 26th March 1999

 Today we got up early again because we wanted to go to Phi Phi Le Island to take some pictures of the beach they used to make the film. We went there with Sarah Clark (Film Publicist) and Ross Palmer (Greensman). We went there by speed boat, it took about forty-five minutes to get there. When we got there, we walked on the beach and took some photos. It was really nice and beautiful. Then we walked to that place they made the film. We went by bare foot because it was easier but it was really hot on our feet. When we got there, we walked around and took some pictures. Then we went back to Phuket and the hotel.

In the afternoon, we went to Hat Surin to watch them making the film. We saw Leonardo and Virginie too. Richard had a problem with Leonardo's bodyguard because he tried to take a picture of Leonardo, Virginie and the director. But I took some pictures of Leonardo and Virginie to show you. 

These are pictures of the beach they used to make The Beach movie on Phi Phi Le Island. Everyone knows it as "Maya Bay". The notice board tells about don't climb the dunes and they made an entrance way to go over too. We went over this way.
We are standing at the walk way and we thought the beach was more cleaner than before because the people who made the movie helped to clean it.
Phong and me are standing at the back of island where Leonardo arrived here every day. And on the right is the way to go in the bay. This picture will be in the movie too but we will not see the way to come in. They will paint over it.
There is only one shop on this beach. Everything there was very expensive (because it is on the island). We went there to buy some drinks and snacks. Picture on the right is Ross buying some water.
Saturday 27th March 1999

Today we got up late. Then we went out to have brunch nearby. I had Ham and Cheese Omlette, it was very delicious. After that we went to the supermarket to buy some snacks to eat in the car because we wanted to drive around the island. We went to Wat Chalong where Leonardo visited in January. We took some pictures too. Then we went to Laem Prom Thep and Kata Beach. At Kata Beach we saw them getting ready to make the movie and we met Ross Palmer there. We didn't stay because we wanted to go to Patong Beach to play Crazy Golf. We had dinner there. Then we went back to the hotel to play cards, watch television and read cartoon books. Then we went to bed at about 12.30 a.m.

My friends and me are in Wat Chalong and behind us is the bot for this temple. Bot means church in English and wat mean temple. The beautiful view at Cape Prom Thaep in Phuket.
  This is the shop where they will shoot tonight. It is on Kata beach.
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